- PP4 - 

The device is equipped with two 'Microsoft LifeCam Cinema' USB cameras. Their outer case is fully removed. 

The first camera is mounted onto the placement head together with two LED strips using a milled aluminium holder. It is used to detect fiducials and to visually inspect the PCB after placing the components.

The second camera is fixed onto the machine bed. It is build from pieces of PCB and used for component alignment. The parts are illuminated using LEDs in red and green that can be adjusted in intensity. The camera is covered by a piece of glass cut from a microscope probe carrier. This is important because i have ruined one camera with a 0603 resistor falling into the focus assembly.

Vision is computed using OpenCV. 

HeadCamera1 320x240

HeadCamera2 320x240 UpLookingCamera320x240

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