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Important notes, read first!

A PDF document answering frequently asked questions (April 2016).


High resolution pictures of the machine (taken on February 3rd 2014) are available here (caution ZIP file size is 150MB).

High resolution pictures of the second feeder block (taken on March 2nd 2014) are available here (caution ZIP file size is 30MB).

CAD Data

A 3D-PDF document of the whole machine is available here for download (updated on March 2nd 2014). To rotate and zoom the model it is necessary to use the original Adobe-Reader. Please download the file and open it later.

drawing showing the dimensions of the machine. It also includes some last minute notes (PDF-file, February 5th 2014).

CAD files in Alibre / Geomagic version 15/16 file format for the whole machine are available here (ZIP File, 21MB, June 13th 2014). Please note that Alibre files are not backward compatible with earlier versions. 

STEP (AP214) model of the whole machine including the feeders (ZIP File, August 31st 2014).

CAD files for fabrication:


Files for the main processor and machine electronics including schematics and gerber files (PDF and Gerber files, March 6th 2014).

Files for the feeder controller including schematics and gerber files (PDF and Gerber files, December 15th 2013).

PCBs and schematics for machine and feeders in Altium Designer Version 14.2.4 file format (March 22nd 2014). The release version is the same as the content of the two downloads above.


Software Version 0.18 (August 8th 2015, ZIP-file). Please also download the manual below.

You will probably have to download the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package" from their website if you get a missing DLL error. 

document that lists known bugs, wanted features and untested stuff (August 8th 2015, PDF-file). 

Delphi XE4 source code for 0.18 Software (August 8th 2015, ZIP-file, Size 84MB). Please read the info.txt file within the package. 


Machine calibration and software installation manual for version 0.18 software (August 8th 2015, PDF-file)

Electronics and Motor setup guide (April 6th 2014, PDF-file)

Software manual for version 0.18 software (August, 8th 2015, PDF-file) 

PID adjustment using step-response (August 2nd 2014, PDF-file)

Scope and logic analyzer measurements done on the UPCX530 for reference (December 9th 2015, ZIP-file, 40MB)

Firmware files

Firmware for the main processor (Microchip MPLAB with C32 incl. source, January 13th 2014).

Firmware for the UPCX530 (HEX-File only, December 15th 2013, refer to info.txt in file).

Firmware for the feeder controller (Microchip MPLAB with C30 incl. source, update from December 18th 2013, removes error with intermittent running slot-0 motor).

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