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Multi Component Tray 

The multi component tray is a waffle tray that has different areas for comonents that I use a lot but cannot get on reels or in tubes or on usual waffle trays. It has wells for:

  • 9 x SO28 1.27mm pitch
  • 9 x TQFP 10mm by 10mm
  • 9 x TQFP 12mm by 12mm
  • 6 x TQFP 14mm by 14mm
  • 18 x TO252
  • 12 x SO28 0.65mm pitch
  • 15 x SO16 in 1.27mm pitch
  • 15 x SO14 in 1.27mm pitch
  • 32 x SO8 in 1.27mm pitch

The areas for the parts are defined as packagings and feeders in the software. This allows the machine to handle them as it would handle regular waffle trays. 

The tray is milled from a piece of 5mm plastic. When the multi component tray is mounted onto the machine, the PCB size is limited to a height (Y) of 160mm. 


MultiComponentTrayPhoto320x240 MultiComponentTrayOnMachine320x240

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