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Old Component Reel Feeder Designs

This is a selection of old feeder designs that are no longer used. The working design can be found here.

The very old Feeder Design:

The old feeder design used spools to wind up the cover tape. They had simple friction clutches and were driven from a shared axle. The design had some disadvantages:

  • There must be enough cover tape (around 10cm). This is a problem when using short tape strips. Either a lot of parts are lost or you will have to extend the cover tape. 
  • It was difficult to change parts in the middle of the feeder block.
  • The component tape tends to be pushed back when it is moved around the deflection plate. The tape needs more friction to be held in place.

The newer (now also old) Feeder:

The newer feeder did not wind up the cover tape. It was moved using the friction from an axle that is coverd with a piece of silicone tubing. The cover tape needed an overlap of around 40mm. 

The cover tape ran, after it had been separated from the part tape, over a kind of rocker that was supported by a piece of 3mm axle. The rocker pressed on one side against the transport axle with its silicone tubing that advanced the cover tape. On the opposite side of the rocker was a piece of small silicone tubing that pressed against the part tape generating friction.

When the part tape was advanced using the feeding needle, the cover tape did no longer press against the rocker. The part tape could move freely. After advancing the part tape, the cover tape was tight again causing the part tape to be fixed at its position.  

The rocker was pessed against the silicone axle using a piece of foam rubber. The pressure could me adjusted using a stud bolt. The stud bolt and foam rubber are not shown on all of the pictures below. 

This design had some disadvantages:

  • The silicone tubing wears out.
  • The silicone tubing is a little sticky causing the cover tape to wind up on the shaft instead of only being moved by friction.
  • The whole pin-feeding mechanism is a piece of junk because:
  • Tapes must be aligned well. If the pin does not hit the hole exacly small components tend to fly around.
  • By principle the mechanism cannot work reliable.






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