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Vibratory Feeder 

The vibratory feeder is mounted at the front of the machine. 5x8mm, 3x15mm, 2*22mm and 1x32mm part tubes can be placed onto it.

The vibration is generated by a small DC-motor that rotates a small 10mm imbalance. To decouple the vibration from the machine, four M3 rubber decoupling elements are placed between the vibratory feeder table with its DC-motor and the mounting bracket.

The part tubes are inserted into the feeder at the front and are then pressed down onto the table and a shaft that is coverd with silicone tubing. The tubes are sloping down at their end and are mainly flat at the pickup position. The table of the vibratory feeder is only slightly sloping down.  

The DC-Motor of the vibratory feeder generated a lot of (electrical) noise that made my controller going nuts. I had to use a complex filter circuit to stop this. The vibratory speed is adjusted using 8-bit PWM.  


RenderVibratoryFeederSideView320x240 RenderVibratoryElement320x240

VibratoryFeeder1 320x240

VibratoryFeeder2 320x240  

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