- PP4 - 

The X-axis is build upon a solid aluminium profile. To move the axis a 15mm linear bearing and HDT5 timing belt are used. The belt disk on the opposite side of the motor is supported by two bearings. The motor is a 62W BLDC motor with 500 imp/rev encoder (2000 imp/rev in X4 mode). The movement area is 620mm. Mounted on top of the axis a cable channel for guiding the cables that run to the place head is also used to hold the X-axis motor PCB. The PCB also connects to the reference switch of the X-axis.  

The X-axis can move beyond the machine bed to reach the feeder blocks that are mounted on both sides of the machine. 

XDrive 320x240

XDriveDeflection 320x240 XDriveDeflectionBearing 320x240

XDrivePCB 320x240

Head6 320x240 HeadPCB 320x240
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