- UPCX530 -
Building the Board

Included in the project you will find extended gerber files for your PCB-manufacturer (Technology: 2 Layers plated, 6mils, 0.15mm minimum Track width and 6mils, 0.15mm minimum distance between tracks. Minimum hole size is 0.4mm) . Also included is a panel with 9 controller PCBs and 4 programming dongles. This single PCBs on this panel have a gap of 1mm between them for separation with a (table)saw.

The PDF files included in the project contain all necessary information (schematics, mounting diagram, part list and additional notes). Also included are the Altium-Designer files.

The minimum component size for the SMD components is 0805. This makes the boards easy to assemble. Please read the notes included in the project files as there are some vias near mounting pads that can be easily short. The controller PCB has components on both sides of the board while the programming dongle has only components on the top side.

Controller PCB top side (w.o. cap.) Controller PCB bottom side Programming dongle top side
MainPCBTop320x240 MainPCBBot320x240 ProgPCBTop800x675


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