- UPCX530 -
The Controller Board

The controller board is intended to be used near the motor. It has no differential receivers for the encoder- or hall-signals. Its size is 56mm by 56mm. It can control both DC- or hall equipped BLDC servomotors.

The maximum operating voltage is 48V regulated with a maximum current of 7A per motor phase or around 10A overall current for a BLDC motor. The current and voltage is limited by the trace width on the PCB and the components used. 

The controller board requires two operating voltages:

  • Operating voltage for the motor (VMOT) 48V max.
  • Operating voltage for the logic and the MOSFET drivers (10 to 12V 250mA or 10 to 15V 150mA if you use a switching regulator)

The circuit is simple and consists of the following groups:

  • The motor controller (U6)
  • The bridge drivers (U3, U4, U5)
  • The power mosfets (Q2 to Q7)
  • The motor current comparator and integrator (U2)
  • Low pass filters for the hall inputs (components around J5)
  • 5V power supply for logic (U1)



If you want to build the controller for DC-servomotor operation only some components are not necessary (refer to project files for details).

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