- UPCX530 -
Programming the firmware

You can use a simple serial or parallel programmer that is capable of programming the Microchip dsPIC30F4012-30. When you want to build the project's controller PCB also build at least one programming dongle. This has an on board standard ISP connector for microchip programmers like the PICKit3.


Connect the programming dongle to the controller PCB using a short (100mm) flat cable!

You can use the pre-build HEX-file included in the project and program it into the device. If you want to build the firmware from the included source files you will need a licensed version of the Microchip C30 compiler to set the correct optimization level.

Fuse settings

When programming the device make sure to use the right fuse settings shown below.




Linker settings

When building the firmware make sure to set the heap size for the project to 70 bytes (linker settings --heap=70).

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