- RS422 differential Sender / Receiver - 



The project

RS422 is a differential transmission protocol. One of the signal pairs always has the inverse logic state of the other one in the pair. The signal is only valid when both lines have exacly the opposite state. This allows transmission lines with TTL levels over long distances even in noisy environments. 
RS422 is used widely in motor control applications to transmit signals from incremental rotary- or linear-encoders to the motor controller. Directly at the encoder, the signal is converted into a differential signal. The transmission line is then very noise immune. The signal is then converted back into single ended signals near the motor controller.   
These converters can also be used with BLDC motor hall sensor signals. Therefore they are usefull for operation with the UPCX530 positioning controller. 


  • 3 channels per module.
  • Module size is 26mm x 32mm (sender) or 23mm x 32 mm (receiver)
  • TTL-compatible.
  • A serial DB9 cable is used as a transmission line. The connection also carries the power supply.

Contents of the project

All files for building the sender and receivers are part of the project files.

Further Information

Circuit Description and PCB



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