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The LCD routines in the firmware are written by Erik Häggström. Please refer to the source code for details.

Purpose of the project

The soldering station project realizes a station for soldering irons that measure their temperature at the tip by using the heating element's PTC characteristic. 
Some time ago I needed a soldering iron for soldering SMD parts with 0.5mm pin pitch. I decided to solder the parts using the well soldering procedure, where some solder is held into a well within the soldering tip. The ERSA Micro Tool was one of the first to offer these kind of tips. The iron itself is not cheap at all. But it offers good quality for the money. The ERSA soldering station for the iron is also very expensive. So I decided to build my own.
As I do not like complicated user interfaces for soldering irons, I designed the station so that is has only one rotary encoder to set the temperature and one LED to show its operation. An LCD is used to show the desired temperature and the real temperature.
Please note that I built my soldering station using a piece of prototyping PCB. I have never built it using the PCB included in this project. 
The station should also work for other 24V soldering irons if you change some calibration values within the firmware.

Basic features

  • Up to 80W at 24V for solder irons with PTC heating element based temperature control
  • Simple user interface with only one rotary encoder and 2 line LCD panel to set the temperature. Last temperature set is stored
  • PID based temperature control
  • Ability to detect connected solder iron (although not implemented in firmware)

Included in the project files

All files needed to build the soldering station are included in the project files. 

Further information

Circuit description





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