- Stepper driver with Toshiba TB6560(A)HQ - 




This stepper driver board is intended to be used near the motors. It realizes, together with the motor, a cheap and easy to build hybrid module. The board size is very small (38.1 by 38.1mm). It can be mounted right on 40mm by 40mm or 57mm by 57mm stepper motors. The Toshiba TB6560 is a very versatile stepper driver, that is able to drive the motor in full step-, half step-, 1/4 step- (TB6560HQ only), 1/8 step- and 1/16 step- (TB6560AHQ only) modes with a current up to 2.5A per phase.
As far as I know, the TB6560HQ is no longer manufactured by Toshiba and has been replaced by the TB6560AHQ.

Basic Features

  • Up to 40V operating voltage for the motor
  • 5V operating voltage for logic
  • Up to 2.5A current per motor phase
  • Operating modes: full step-, half step-, 1/4 step- (TB6560HQ only), 1/8 step- and 1/16 step- (TB6560AHQ only)
  • Contains reference switch connector
  • Oscillator frequency for current limiting from 40KHz to 400KHz

Included in the project files

All files needed to build the stepper driver board are included in a single ZIP file. 

Further Information

Circuit and PCB



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