- UPCX530 Power Board - 

More powerful board for BLDC- and DC- Servomotors


UPCX530PR3320x240 DCMotorEncoder320x240

Other Developers

This project is based on a work done by Lawrence Glaister VE7IT, Maximilien Mousset and other developers mentioned within the source code and also on Microchips application note AN957.

Project Goal

The project goal was to develop a more powerful and suitable control board for my 4 axis CNC mill. The mill is driven by 300W DC-servomotors but the board is also suitable for BLDC-servomotos.

In contrast to the demoboard for the UPCX530, this board has the following characteristics:

  • The maximum operation voltage for the motor is 80V
  • Motor phase current: 12A or 16A, depending on copper layer thickness
  • Heatsink
  • Separate power supply for the motor / logic (5V) and FET-drivers (12V)
  • The ability to connect RS422 encoders and decoders for use further away from the motors 


The PCB is based on the UPCX530 controller. Details are available here

Project Files

All files, including the UPCX firmware are available in the download area within a single ZIP-file.  

More Information:

Description of the Schematics and PCB

A Video showing the controller with a small BLDC Motor



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