- UPCX530 Power Board - 

Circuit and PCB

The two layer board has a size of 100mm by 50mm. It can be used for operation in further distance from the motors in conjunction with the RS422 sender-receiver pairs. 

The maximum operation voltage is 80V. The maximum motor phase current depends on the copper layer thickness. It is 12A for a 35um copper layer and 16A for a 70um copper layer. Both values are calculated and untested! 

The board requires 3 power rails:

  • The motor supply (VMOT) with up to 80V.
  • The logic supply (5V-VCC) with up to 300mA current
  • The power supply for the FET-Drivers (10 to 15V, 100mA)

The circuit is mainly identical with the demobard for the UPCX530. Some part have been changed to meet the higher voltage and current requirements. The connector for the 12V / 5V power supplies, together with the control signals are connected using a 16pin flat cable connector. The connector for the programming adaptor meets the Microchip standard.  

In an upcoming project I will publish an isolated break-out board for the CNC control software MACH3. It has up to 6 connectors for the controller boards. Currently I have no BLDC motors to test the maximum output power of the board. I have tested it with 300W 48V DC servomotors without problems. 




If you want to build the board for DC-servomotors you can leave some parts unpopulated. Details are available within the project download. 

The PCB is directly mounted to the heatsink. It is populated on both sides. Different shunt resistor types (SMD or THD) can be used. 

 UPCX530PR1320x240  UPCX530PR2320x240 UPCX530PR3320x240 

The Gerberfiles that are available in the project download package are available in two different variants:

  1. A single PCB (100mm by 50mm)
  2. A PCB array with one controller PCB together with two RS422 sender-receiver pairs (100mm by 83mm)

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